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Here at Gorilla Mill, we continue to monitor and are experiencing the impact of the current COVID-19 outbreak that's occurring around the world.
At this time, we are operating close to normally and have no plans to close as we are considered an essential business under the definition provided by Wisconsin.
Please note we’ve followed Wisconsin and CDC guidance and have significantly scaled back our in-office work force. While unexpected, if you call our office during normal business hours and we do not answer, feel free to call back or send an email to, where we will be able to assist with all Customer Service questions very quickly: someone will always be monitoring that address. Shipping lead times may be affected but we are working with UPS to minimize any delays.
Please be assured that Gorilla Mill will do everything possible to make sure there is very little delay in you receiving the products and information you need.
Thanks very much for your attention and understanding.
Wishing you the best,


Kevin Cranker,


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