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High Performance

5 Flute 45° Chamfered End, Weldon Flat

8mm Cutting Diameter

5 Flute Knuckledragger
Weldon Flat

Product #: GMKD0800MMCS5
EDP#: 50036
Price(USD): $78.73
Desc: D1: 8mm, D2: 8mm, LOC: 12mm, OAL: 50mm
Coating: GMS²
Available Qty: Call for availability

Product #: GMKD0800MMC5
EDP#: 50032
Price(USD): $82.8
Desc: D1: 8mm, D2: 8mm, LOC: 22mm, OAL: 65mm
Coating: GMS²
Available Qty: 23

Product #: GMKD0800MMCL5
EDP#: 50034
Price(USD): $121.22
Desc: D1: 8mm, D2: 8mm, LOC: 40mm, OAL: 100mm
Coating: GMS²
Available Qty: 11


End Mill
Speeds & Feeds

5 Flute Rougher Diagram


  • Cut Dia +.000/-.050mm
  • Shank Dia -.0025-.0127mm
  • LOC +.635/+.1.270mm
  • OAL +/-1.270mm

Machining Method

Profiling Diagram
Pocketing Diagram
High-Velocity Diagram
5 Flute Knuckledraggers (metric)

Variable flute and index design which reduces chatter and vibration. Radius corners for stronger edges and part radius. Recommended for extremely aggressive machining applications in all materials including: stainless, Inconel, titanium, tool steels, and alloy and low carbon steels. Should be run at specific parameters. See "Speeds and Feeds" calculator. Produced with the highest Transverse Rupture Strength (TRS) nano-grain carbide substrate available.

Available in special diameters, lengths and completely resharpenable.

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