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Drill Baby Drill

A general-purpose high performance and high penetration solid carbide drill capable of machining a vast range of work materials. Suitable for high efficiency precision machining and up to 50% faster than standard carbide drills. Not recommended for personal grooming.

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Tougher Substrate

The highest Transverse Rupture Strength (TRS) nano-grain carbide substrate available. Available in special diameters, lengths, and completely re-sharpenable. 20% Larger coolant duct hole means more volume, more volume equates to better chimp removal.


Harder GDX-59 Coating

Carbide Grinding Company introduces a revolutionary nanocomposite PVD coating process. This process marks a breakthrough in PVD deposition technology made possible by LARC (Lateral Rotating Cathodes). With a proven track record, nanocomposite coatings beat conventional coatings by a signicant margin. The performance and hardness stem from the nanocomposite coating’s unique structure which, when seen on a nanometer scale, is similar to that of a honeycomb.

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Stronger Prep Process

When an end mill first enters a cut, it will chatter and bounce then finally “settle in”. During that “settling in” process, jagged micro edges of carbide are fractured and the coating is removed. GMP is not just an edge prep. But a perfectly prepped edge using unique and proprietary geometries that are only found on Gorilla Mill products.

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