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Testing the Sasquatch Carbide End Mill

End mill in action: Gorilla Mill Sasquatch

CGC 2014 Video

Testing the Baboon carbide end mill

3/4" Baboon, GMHT34R7. RPM = 1275, SFM = 250. IPM = 32.5, at a 30% step over. Cutting: 6AL4V Titanium.

Gorilla Mill vs SGS end mill in 304 Stainless

Gorilla Mill end mill in A36 material

Solid Carbide Gorilla End Mill in 6AL4V Titanium

1-1/4" 5 flute Phenom. 2.0 Axial engagement.

5 flute Gorilla End Mill cutting Titanium

1-1/4 5 flute Phenom. 2.0 Axial engagement.

7 Flute Gorilla Mill cutting A2 Tool Steel

GMHT12R7 1/2" Baboon. A2, 28 Rc.

Gorilla Mill end mill in 6061 Aluminum

The Gorilla Mill GMAKD12C4, 1/2" Silverback Knuckledragger obliterates 6061 Aluminum at a large manufacturing facility in the northeast. Nearly stalled the machine because the Silverback KD was hungry for more.

Gorilla Mill end mill in prehard 4140 (32 RC)

GMHT12R7 1/2" Baboon. Pre hard 4140, 32 Rc. 6700 rpm.

Gorilla Mill 7 flute vs Garr 4 flute in Haines material

Took it from 50 min for 4 slots to 5 min for 4 slots. 410 SFM @ 72 IPM. Was running 410 SFM @ 5 IPM.

Gorilla Mill end mill cutting Titanium

Gorilla Mill 1/4" 4 flute ball: Titanium bliss. 500SFM 7640RPM.

Gorilla Mill 7 flute vs SGS 6 flute in 304 Stainless

GMHT34R7090 Baboon.

Gorilla Mill cutting Titanium

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